Welcome to ArtTravels

Welcome to ArtTravels.


Our history starts at one of the biggest museums, Lourve, home to the thousand works of art, the experience was overwhelming. The founder wanted to tell this story about the trip to Paris, Vernon and Giverny, having said that we need to add that it was important for her to write in the context of art history than anything else. We appeared firstly on Instagram under the name @arttravels_journal in 2015, created by Monika Szafoni.


ArtTravels were slowly but strongly begin to build the art history lovers community. Three years later, we move forward to launch our website, with the desire to construct a real platform where all could learn and elaborate about art. aim was not to just pretty photographs taken in the museum. It was an idea where travels to European art locations meets art history, meets curatorial concept, countries culture, its values and history. Art is fundamental in human life, help us value and communicate who we are as human beings.



Spread the love for art! - one of the most significant features of connecting with ArtTravels. We make ART the main character of the story, freestyling the traditional way of interpreting art. We want to achieve a modern, exciting, inventive way of describing an art piece, using photography, video, social media, live streaming, graphic design etc. We want to be recognised as the ultimate art web search but not with a boring set and copy-paste storyline. We want to be iconic, informative, easy to reach, with fresh service. We want to build a platform for Art History, as we as for the brand-new artist.

We want you to be impactful to the world and the visual arts world.


There’s nothing like art

that’s why we write about art.

Join us in our journey

Be you. Be the ArtTraveller